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Often times we wonder how the experts view certain trends or traditions that relate to weddings. Many of you have requested to have Catrina weigh in on her thoughts and ideas. If you have a questions that you would like for her to answer, please submit to nicole@catrinamaria.com.

First question of the year!

What would you like to see new and different for 2012 weddings?

I am already seeing new and different things for 2012 that excite me as much as any other wedding trends.  I can‘t categorize the new trends yet, but I am seeing more variety, more lushness, and more attention to developing each space used for the party.  These are all great trends that are taking form right now. 

I would like to see more personalization for 2012 weddings overall though.  Not just tying in your story, your life before ‘we,’ but looking at your joint loves in life and bringing this to life through décor, use of space, creative food presentation and more that express you as a couple.  We all have specific things we love and that make us tick as people, so why not share these pieces of ourselves by allowing our guests to experience this through our eyes? Maybe you have traveled to Greece together and you want to bring the beach, island feel into your reception. Introduce your guests to your experience, but take it further than naming the tables after Greek islands! Maybe you two love the wine country and wine tasting, but choosing a winery wedding doesn’t tell the whole story.  Introduce your guests to what you love about it.  It’s possible that many of them have never been wine tasting.  Bring this idea into your cocktail hour.  It’s possible they have never experienced a true wine pairing dinner. Try wine tasting stations to get your guests enjoying the property and the variety of wines instead of offering a few varietals at the bar where they will most likely stick with their comfortable Chardonnay!

Dare to share yourselves through the experience you plan for your guests!


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Happy First Anniversary to one of our lovely couples, Liza and Andy! Here’s a look back at this beautiful November 2010 wedding at the Old Sugar Mill.

Room was filled with candles along with beautiful grey and ivory decor

Cheers to you and many years ahead!

Photos courtesy of John Curley Photography

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