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Join The Venue Vixens as we add expert traditional wedding tid-bits

between the fashion show and event!

January 28th, 2014, Sac Grand Ballroom.

Brides, Grooms and Wedding Vendors are invited!

Sacramento NACE - National Association for Catering and Events-Greater Sacramento Chapter


2014 Bridal Gown Trends


Tuesday, January 28, 2014 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM



$40.00 Member Ticket ($25.00 Late fee)

$40.00 Colleague/Guest of Member Ticket ($25.00 Late fee)

$40.00 First Time Guest Ticket ($25.00 Late fee)

$65.00 Second Time Guest ($25.00 Late fee)

Register before Friday, Jan 24, 2014 to avoid late fees.


Sacramento Grand Ballroom 629 J Street Sacramento, CA 95814



Join Sacramento NACE as we explore the latest in bridal fashion brought to us by two of our newest members, Enchanted Bridal Shoppe and Sparkle Bridal Couture!


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Seems like wedding dresses are constantly changing in style. Have you ever felt frustrated shopping and not have found the perfect dress? Hopefully by reading this, I can give you some insight of what is hot off the runway.

New 2012 trends to look for:

Unique necklines: The “illusion neckline” seems to be very popular. More of a sheer and delicate fabric that is draped over your skin that may often be exposed.

Gown by Monique Lhuillier

Two tiered skirts: Designers love playing with hemlines which gave them the idea of creating two separate skirts. It’s also forgiving in the hip and thigh area. Good way to hide wider hips.

Gown by Anna Maier/Ulla-Maija Couture

Horsehair trim: Often found on the underskirt of a dress to create a cleaner and crisp hemline.

Gown by Rivini

Lace sleeves: Of course our favorite Duchess last April. The lace sleeves give a nice sleek and classic look.

Gown by Legends by Ramona Keveza

More trends to look out for: ( Inspired by the red carpet)

Front slits

Deep plunging necklines

Lots of sparkle


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Often times we wonder how the experts view certain trends or traditions that relate to weddings. Many of you have requested to have Catrina weigh in on her thoughts and ideas. If you have a questions that you would like for her to answer, please submit to nicole@catrinamaria.com.

First question of the year!

What would you like to see new and different for 2012 weddings?

I am already seeing new and different things for 2012 that excite me as much as any other wedding trends.  I can‘t categorize the new trends yet, but I am seeing more variety, more lushness, and more attention to developing each space used for the party.  These are all great trends that are taking form right now. 

I would like to see more personalization for 2012 weddings overall though.  Not just tying in your story, your life before ‘we,’ but looking at your joint loves in life and bringing this to life through décor, use of space, creative food presentation and more that express you as a couple.  We all have specific things we love and that make us tick as people, so why not share these pieces of ourselves by allowing our guests to experience this through our eyes? Maybe you have traveled to Greece together and you want to bring the beach, island feel into your reception. Introduce your guests to your experience, but take it further than naming the tables after Greek islands! Maybe you two love the wine country and wine tasting, but choosing a winery wedding doesn’t tell the whole story.  Introduce your guests to what you love about it.  It’s possible that many of them have never been wine tasting.  Bring this idea into your cocktail hour.  It’s possible they have never experienced a true wine pairing dinner. Try wine tasting stations to get your guests enjoying the property and the variety of wines instead of offering a few varietals at the bar where they will most likely stick with their comfortable Chardonnay!

Dare to share yourselves through the experience you plan for your guests!

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Remember way back in July when we gave you all a little sneak peek of uber-fabulous, adorable couple Sarah and Chad?  Well, now that now that the busy summer season is behind us, we thought it would be a great idea to revisit this couple’s unique, lighthearted day to remind us of the wonderful time that was had by all.

Bride and Groom in Capitol ParkBride's dress and white and green bouquetBride and Groom's blue shoes!The day began at St. Elizabeth Church in Sacramento, where guests gathered beneath the church’s soaring wood arches to witness the ceremony.The church where the ceremony was heldInside the church during the ceremonyAfterward, the Bride and Groom’s unique personalities became immediately apparent as guests were greeted by Dr. Bach and the Jazz Practitioners, a New Orleans-style jazz band.New Orleans Jazz Band Tuba PlayerThe band kept guests entertained and led the procession to the Sutter Club, a few blocks over.  Here, guests enjoyed a cocktail hour and dinner, all while serenaded by a Latin jazz band.Entrance to the Sutter ClubAfter dinner, the party really got started!  In another unique twist, rather than using the normal inside spaces for dancing, Sarah and Chad invited guests to the rooftop of the club’s parking garage.  We designed a rockin’ rooftop party, with two bars, a huge open dance floor outlined in market lights and paper lanterns, and one of the best bands in Northern California, Hip ServiceWalkway to the dancefloorBeautiful RefreshmentsThe band, Hip ServiceThe dancefloor gets wildThe guest dance to "Shout" with an umbrellaBride and Groom dancing with the umbrellaFather and Sister of the Bride breakin' it downThe rooftop party continues into the nightBride and Groom share their first danceOK, didn’t that look like a good time??  We’re not sure if we’ve ever seen a group get down like this one, and it was a joy to witness!  We love how these pictures by Jessamyn Harris Photography managed to catch the high-energy, positive feel of the whole day.  Sarah and Chad’s day was unique, fun, and absolutely magical…what more could you ask for?

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A huge thanks to The Memory Journalists for featuring Catrina Maria Designs on their blog!  Check out the full post to see photos from an incredible wedding at Wine & Roses and find out Catrina’s answers to some interesting wedding questions…

The Memory Journalists blog

We absolutely love The Memory Journalists’ work and we feel honored to be featured on their blog — thank you!!

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Marianna thinking deep thoughts OK, things are about to get a little more personal around here.  If you’ve been following our blog you might know that I (Marianna, the youngest of the sisters) recently got engaged to my high school sweetheart, Darwin.  Having worked with my sisters on weddings for a few years now I thought I had a pretty good idea of what it meant to be a “bride-to-be.”  I thought that, knowing everything that I know about weddings, planning my own wedding would be a snap.  Let me tell you, that has not been the case.  Sure, I know how a wedding should flow, what does and does not work when getting 150+ people to your reception, and what exactly a MOH is responsible for.  What I didn’t know was how all that knowledge changes when you’re thinking about your own wedding.  You could be the most organized, knowledgeable, on-top-of-things bride imaginable and all this planning would still be COMPLICATED.

Now that I know what it’s like to be on the flip side of this crazy adventure we call wedding planning, I want to share the things that puzzle, frustrate, and sometimes completely exhaust me.  It’s amazing how much has already come up in these first few months of being engaged!  I want to share my the things I’ve been “bewildered” about and the solutions I’ve come up with in hopes that you other brides-to-be find answers to some of your own questions.  At the very least, I want to let all the ladies out there know that even a wedding planner finds all this to be a bit of a challenge!

So, the next time you feel like you’re about to tear your hair out over the font on your invitations or the color of your napkins, grab a margarita, put your feet up, and see if you’re bewildered about the same things I am!

‘Til next time,

Your Bride-to-Be, Marianna

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We are proud to announce that Arcularius Events has been rated by local brides and voted The Knot Best of Weddings 2010 Pick.  Thank you to all of the brides that voted for Arcularius Events!

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