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Have you ever been to a restaurant and used the dinner fork to eat your salad? Although this might not seem like a huge deal, proper dining etiquette is important to know if you plan on attending nice restaurants, business dinners, and especially nice weddings. Below is a relatively simple and universal diagram for proper dining etiquette:

Tips to Remember:

  • Bread on the Left, Drink on the Right: make a little “B” with your left hand and little “D” with your right to help you remember which is which.
  • Napkins Belong in Your Lap: Keep your napkin in your lap, unless you are excusing yourself from the table. If you must leave the table at any point during dinner, place your napkin to the left or right of your plate, or hang it over the back of your chair.
  • Passing Items: Always pass items from left to right, like you are reading the table.  If you are asked for the salt or pepper, both should be passed together.
  • The Do-NOTs of Formal Dining:
    • Do not wait for anyone to begin eating; eat when it is hot!
    • Do not slurp your soup.
    • Do not blow on your soup; let it cool before eating it.
    • Do not chew on your ice.
    • Do not smoke at dinner or excuse yourself for a smoking break.
    • Do not take leftovers (unless it is an informal dining experience).
    • Do not use your fingers to scoop your food onto your fork/spoon. Use your other utensils or piece of bread.
    • Do not put your elbows on the table.
    • Do not blow your nose at the table. If you need to, excuse yourself.
    • Do not cough into your hand or open air; use your napkin to cover your mouth.
    • Do not double dip; scoop a serving of the dip or salsa onto your plate.

Photos Courtesy Of: Classy & Fabulous Blog


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