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Happy New Year!! Each new year brings fun and exciting new trends. Colors, flowers, decor, gowns, entertainment, and more! Where to begin? No worries, we are here to help! Each week, yours truly will keep you updated with what’s hot and what’s not!

For my first trend of the year…color! What do you think is hot this year? This may throw you off a bit, but tangerine is the way to go. It’s bold, bright and beautiful. This color can definetely make a statement and bring a lot of life to your big day. Tangerine would look great with lime greens, pinks or even purples. I am loving the teal and tangerine color combination.  Here are a few ideas of how this bold color can be used.

Photo courtesy of MarthaStewart.com

Photo courtesy of theswishlist.com


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Venue Vixen 1st Anniversary Party
A celebration of our advertisers and one year of success
Held at the Rail Bridge Cellars at the Elk’s Penthouse
Speakeasy theme in the 1920’s building

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The Venue Vixens by Beth BaugherWe are super happy and excited to announce the launch of our fabulous new team, The Venue Vixens!  We Vixens are four professional, experienced and, if we may say so, amazing wedding planners who have come together to offer our take on some of the coolest lesser-known venues in the area.  Our goal is to showcase these venues and provide some of the most important details about them in order to help you plan your next event.  How do we make this happen?  We take on all the legwork; we personally visit the venues and talk with owners and event managers.  With our combined years of experience and different areas of expertise, we evaluate each property for its strengths and weaknesses and ask those questions that are vital for event planning.  We feel that we are providing a truly amazing service, and we hope that you take advantage of it the next time you are planning a special event!

So who are The Venue Vixens?  Our A-Team of planners includes Lora Ward of A Day to Remember, Kendra Pfeiffer-Wershing of Pfeiffer Event Planning, Laurie Shmalzel of The Center at Twenty-Three Hundred, and of course yours truly, Catrina Arcularius of Catrina Maria Event Planning and Design.  These ladies know a lot about event planning and each brings a fresh eye and a different perspective to the venues we visit.  So check us out at www.thevenuevixens.com and let us help you find the perfect venue for your next event!

Thank you to Beth Baugher of True Love Photography for such great photos of the Vixens!

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Marianna thinking deep thoughts OK, things are about to get a little more personal around here.  If you’ve been following our blog you might know that I (Marianna, the youngest of the sisters) recently got engaged to my high school sweetheart, Darwin.  Having worked with my sisters on weddings for a few years now I thought I had a pretty good idea of what it meant to be a “bride-to-be.”  I thought that, knowing everything that I know about weddings, planning my own wedding would be a snap.  Let me tell you, that has not been the case.  Sure, I know how a wedding should flow, what does and does not work when getting 150+ people to your reception, and what exactly a MOH is responsible for.  What I didn’t know was how all that knowledge changes when you’re thinking about your own wedding.  You could be the most organized, knowledgeable, on-top-of-things bride imaginable and all this planning would still be COMPLICATED.

Now that I know what it’s like to be on the flip side of this crazy adventure we call wedding planning, I want to share the things that puzzle, frustrate, and sometimes completely exhaust me.  It’s amazing how much has already come up in these first few months of being engaged!  I want to share my the things I’ve been “bewildered” about and the solutions I’ve come up with in hopes that you other brides-to-be find answers to some of your own questions.  At the very least, I want to let all the ladies out there know that even a wedding planner finds all this to be a bit of a challenge!

So, the next time you feel like you’re about to tear your hair out over the font on your invitations or the color of your napkins, grab a margarita, put your feet up, and see if you’re bewildered about the same things I am!

‘Til next time,

Your Bride-to-Be, Marianna

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