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Are you a middle sister?….or do you know one?  If so, have we found the wine for you!

First, before we can tell you about the wine, we just have to tell you how we found it…it’s too good.  Last night the three of us girls here at Arcularius Events went out with Mom to find a wedding dress for Marianna, the youngest of us three (who got engaged a month ago!).  We chose Diamond Bridal Gallery in Granite Bay because of its wide selection of Spanish designer dresses, which Marianna fell in love with after countless hours searching wedding gown websites.  This place did not disappoint!  The interior was comfortable, the sales associates were totally sweet, and the dresses were to die for.  Marianna tried on just seven dresses before she found “the one” and, after a few tears and a bit of dancing in the dressing room, walked out of the store with a receipt for a wedding gown!! 

What does this have to do with wine?  Well, at the beginning of our evening (before the dress was found and the tears were shed), middle-sister Mairead stepped out to find a bottle of champagne to turn dress shopping into a celebration.  She came back with champagne and a wine that was just too perfect…Middle Sister Rebel Red.

Rebel Red is a red table wine, but the collection of Middle Sister wines includes Drama Queen Pinot Grigio, Mischief Maker Cabernet Sauvignon, Goodie Two-Shoes Pinot Noir, Surfer Chick Sauvignon Blanc, and Smarty Pants Chardonnay.  How adorable is that?  What’s more, lots of these bottles have won awards up the ying-yang, so not only can you give your favorite middle sister a wine that describes her personality, you can give her wine that she’ll actually like!

Check out Middle Sister’s fun website for info on all their wines, a silly music video, and an enlightening “Which Middle Sister Are You?” quiz. (PS, we took it, and we are apparently Drama Queens, who knew?)

Have fun wine tasting!


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We recently decided to take the time to introduce the members of our Three-Sister Team, so that you know exactly who you are working with when you hire Arcularius Events.  A few days ago we introduced Marianna, and now we’d like to introduce another sister, the lovely and talented Mairead.

Mairead has worked with Arcularius Events for the past three seasons as our Event Space Designer.  As our space designer, Mairead employs her design expertise to create custom layouts for each event.  She uses precise dimensions to ensure that each event is well-thought-out and perfectly designed.  

Mairead graduated from Sacramento State with a Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design and for the past six years has worked with clients in the areas of residential, hospitality, healthcare and corporate design.  From private residences to large scale venues, her layouts provide the team with detailed pre-event planning and day-of organization every event needs to flow smoothly.  Along with her event layouts Mairead brings the knowledge to give your special event the opportunity to be “Green.”  

After a short break to have her second child Mairead is back, bringing with her a new enthusiasm to our Three-Sister Team! Catriona’s unique passion and intuition teamed with Mairead’s attention to detail and Marianna’s thoughtful organization ensures that your event will be everything you dreamed of and more.

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As you may or may not know, Arcularius Events is a Three-Sister Team.  The three of us, Catriona, Mairead, and Marianna, love combining our unique strengths to create events that are truly one of a kind.  We would like to take a moment to introduce ourselves, because you are sure to meet (at least) one of us if you hire or work with Arcularius Events!  This week, we’d like to introduce the youngest of the three sisters, Marianna. 

Marianna has worked with Arcularius Events for the past two seasons as our Associate Wedding Planner.  As a recent graduate of UC Berkeley with a double major in Art History and Italian Studies, she is passionate about all things Italian and can assist couples who want this romantic culture to be a part of their celebrations.  
Since graduating, Marianna has been working at the de Young Museum in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park where she works in customer service and education.  Her specialty is public speaking, so she helps introduce large school groups to the museum and its special exhibitions.
Marianna will soon be joining Arcularius Events full time, where she will assist with day-of coordination and behind-the-scenes organization.  She ensures that design elements are set up according to plan and that every detail is attended to.  Since she loves working with people, Marianna is our go-to girl when guests need direction or assistance.  She is a vital part of our Three-Sister Team, which we will continue to introduce in just a few days!

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