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To continue our little tour of great Napa Valley wedding venues, we move from Shady Oaks’ Secret Garden to Barbara’s Barn, a site that might be the very definition of “California Country Chic.”  

Imagine having a ceremony on this lovely little lawn, with stunning views of the lush hills that surround the valley…
 …and then walking a mere 20 feet to enjoy cocktails on this poolside patio.
Post-cocktails, you and your guests would meander over to the barn itself, where long tables would be set up in the stalls that border a concrete dancefloor.  Lights are already strung in between the stalls, as well as shades that can be pulled to cover the dancing space on hot days. 
It would be a beautiful, intimate, and completely unique day.  How fabulous does that sound?

Now, we know that you may have to imagine this place on a sunnier day than the one our pictures show to really love it, and we also know that this site does not always allow ceremonies, so that is something you would want to look into.  But, that being said, we love Barbara’s Barn!  We think it is the perfect combination of rustic and modern – it is a polished, stylish farmhouse that would be the perfect setting for an elegant hoedown!  Plus, while the barn as-is can accommodate up to 120 guests, Barbara is currently developing an adjacent property that will also be available for events with overnight accommodations.  This property will be able to handle parking and a large tent, allowing for a capacity of 200-150.

If you’re interested in this site, contact Cindi Oscourn at Mint Locations: cindi@mintlocations.com.  

Two down, two more to go!  Next time we’ll be covering a unique property that is perfect if you’re looking for a touch of the old world…


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